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Friday, 22 July, 2011

Deliver Your Message With Digital Signage

How often are clients and customers left waiting in either your reception area or on business locations? Without some sort of optimised display, you could be missing out on a huge commercial opportunity.

This is where Visual Synergy can help. You have the potential to utilise your space in a way that allows you to exhibit the information you want, to the people who you want to see it.

Visual Synergy can help you seize that potential through the use of Digital Signage.

What Is Digital Signage?

Having the ability to create and display content relevant to your brand, in your own place of work is incredibly powerful. Digital Signage allows you to achieve this, and more.

This technology is quickly becoming one of the largest growth sectors within the UK audio visual marketplace; as more businesses maximise investments in their display space by transmitting clear and effective messages.

Don’t let your business get left behind; contact Visual Synergy to see how Digital Signage can bring your company into a new era of communication.

How Digital Signage Can Help You

Once installed, you can project up-to-date content to any and all visitors, including potential clients, investors, competitors and staff members. Some key benefits include:

  • Communicate messages clearly
  • Completely customisable content
  • Display several forms of information at once
  • Turn any area into an advertisement for your services

By splitting the screen in to designated areas, Digital Signage can display large amounts of content at any given time. From video and animation to ticker tape information and web links, with Digital Signage installed you can tailor customised messages to specific audiences in specific locations.

Installing Excellence Into Your Business

Visual Synergy can implement the perfect Digital Signage solution for your office; whether it’s for a simple reception welcome area or a widespread national roll out with centralised control and content creation. Depending on your chosen layout, this service can be offered on a single screen or across a totally bespoke solution.

We also offer training for your staff on a national level, and can assist in the production of content and layouts to ensure the highest-quality professional finish.

Don’t let the opportunity of using optimised digital displays pass you by, invest in Digital Signage today and see how Visual Synergy can implement this powerful communication tool into your business.

Call 01296 397739 or Email to find out more.


Friday, 22 July, 2011

Maximise Your Investment With Mobile Solutions

Try as you might, sometimes it’s just not possible to find a suitable meeting space with the appropriate presentation equipment.

Whether it’s because your main meeting room is in use, or your other conference spaces are not equipped with the right technology. Whatever the case, it is not always possible to have a fixed position for displays or video conferencing in your office.

If this sounds familiar, and your hardware constantly needs to be shared between different rooms, then Visual Synergy have the solution.

Audio Visual Technology In Every Environment

Visual Synergy offer a range of solutions that enable audio visual technology to become mobile.

These systems can range from a simple sturdy trolley, to completely moveable furniture. We also offer large-scale displays that are height adjustable in order to allow transport and access into your offices.

Mobile solutions allow you to bring presentation and video conferencing equipment into every environment on a purely ad-hoc basis.

If you install these state-of-art facilities permanently in a room, and only use that space on rare occasions, your investment in this equipment is wasted; whilst your other colleagues in smaller meeting rooms are trying to deliver their messages with flip charts and wipe-clean boards.

How do you solve this problem?

Have the equipment installed onto a mobile multimedia cart.

Bespoke Interchangeable Systems

Our mobile solutions range from a simple mobile flat screen on a trolley, to a bespoke item of furniture designed to meet the growing demands of modern meeting room spaces.

Mobile solutions allow any organisation to equip all of their meeting rooms with the ultimate audio visual experience, through the use of multimedia displays as well as video conferencing equipment.

These easily transportable multimedia carts offer a refreshing alternative to traditional fixed audio visual systems. The fully mobile solutions are cleverly designed for use with best multimedia and display technologies, meaning you can bring cutting-edge presentation equipment to every meeting.

These stylish units seamlessly blend in with any office environment; meaning they can be easily stored away when not in use.

Bring next-level presentation equipment to all your offices with mobile solutions. Enquire into how Visual Synergy can implement bespoke audio visual systems in your office by phoning 01296 397739 and requesting a quote today.


Friday, 22 July, 2011

Audio Visual Design Solutions For Your Business

As a business, are you more likely to want to use a boardroom with the basic requirements of a table, a few chairs and a projector screen; or a fully furnished space with surround sound audio and an integrated media wall for displaying presentations and conducting video conferences?

More importantly, which room do you think would have a better impact and longer lasting impression on your clients?

Visual Synergy can work with you to design the perfect conference room, boardroom or other office space for your business needs.

Designed For Success

Our team of experts at Visual Synergy are able to offer your business counsel on creating the optimum aesthetic environment for your meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Every feature of a room, from the finishes to the furnishings, can have an effect on your clientele and their audio visual experience whilst they visit your offices. Whether it’s the ability to view the screen properly from all positions, or getting the perfect balance of audio levels, it is integral that your room is designed for optimal AV experiences.

This is why we believe your audio visual solution should be considered early on in the room design process, to ensure that the juxtaposition of technology and design delivers the best possible results. The room’s presentation, and the multimedia solutions that will be used to deliver presentations within said room, should be discussed, decided and designed at the early stages of the building project.

We can offer advice on choosing the best designers for the job, or collaborate with the contractors your company has hired. This ensures that every aspect of the room’s audio visual prowess is considered and that all your expectations are met’ if not exceeded, within budget.

Every element, including the textures, colours, furnishing and lighting must be taken into consideration to ensure that the environment is set, and the video system is going to deliver the best possible experience. The furnishings and technology should work in harmony, delivering a memorable impression that leaves clients suitably impressed.

Consider the design of a conference table for example. An ordinary rectangular table will force those sitting at it to strain their bodies to view a screen placed at its end. An oval or tear-shaped table, on the other hand, makes it easier for the entire team to view the media, no matter where they are sitting.

This not only enables the best possible presentation to be made, it allows businesses to get the most out of their equipment, making it a worthwhile investment all-round.

Contact us today and see how Visual Synergy can transform your client facing spaces into fully optimised presentation-ready rooms.


Friday, 22 July, 2011

Interactive Technologies

Has your company been slow to adapt to technological in its own meeting rooms or boardrooms? Have you thought about how interactive technologies can improve productivity and business efficiency?

Now is the time to start thinking.

Here at Visual Synergy, we can independently advise your business on the best interactive technology to suit your office.

We take aesthetics, budget and key requirements into account in order to deliver the best possible audio visual solution for your business.

Ask yourself; is your company ready for the touchscreen revolution?

Touchscreen technology such as tablets and smartphones have become commonplace products. New operating systems are now optimised for touch, with web browsers, games consoles and interactive apps following fast.

So why shouldn’t your meeting room take advantage of this?

We at Visual Synergy believe it should, and we’d like to introduce you to SMART interactive products.

SMART Technology

With a SMART interactive whiteboard, you can bring together groups and keep them completely connected by seamlessly accessing and controlling the information on display. Data from your computer can be exhibited on the board by simply touching its surface.

Combined with your own computer and either a projector or a flat screen display, SMART products transform your workspace into an engaging interactive experience; bringing new levels of communication and education to any environment.

This technology allows you to effortlessly hold engaging meetings whilst you interact with your computer from the board. You can record and edit notes, draw plans in digital ink, highlight areas of interest and save images as well as bodies of text. It’s the complete audio visual experience.

How can interactive technologies help your business?

Organisations all over the world are choosing to install SMART interactive products in their offices.

Project managers can track progress, save notes and deliver more detail to stakeholders during progress meetings.

Designers can present detailed, interactive plans and 3D models to clients, incorporating feedback instantly, streamlining the design process.

Executives can present engaging pitches, utilising various web-based technology, including video and real-time social channels.

Lawyers will grab jurors’ attention, helping them further understand evidence by showcasing and interacting with the material.

Public Service Departments can take whole teams through realistic training simulators

To maximise productivity, business efficiency, and take your meetings to the next level, contact Visual Synergy about the installation of interactive technology in your office today.


Friday, 22 July, 2011

System Design and Integration

The Full Audio Visual Solution

Are your meeting spaces fully equipped to handle the rapid evolution of digital technology?

Meeting rooms and boardrooms are the perfect spaces to showcase the latest in presentation technology, as they can be perfectly optimised with audio visual solutions.

Visual Synergy believes every room has the potential to deliver an outstanding audio visual experience. We approach each space differently, considering all the factors and taking into account your requirements before we optimise the area with a cutting-edge multimedia solution.

Improve Business Communication

We work closely with your team to assess your businesses needs and suggest the very best solution, which will enable the installation of a state-of-the-art set up with the element of scalability in mind.

A fully connected system should be an integral part of your businesses communication strategy. We will design a system that is completely integrated into your network. This will improve interconnectivity, allowing complete control of the system across multiple offices. It’s the most effective way to manage your meeting space.

By understanding the uses of your meeting room environment, and the needs of your users, we are able to implement a system that will streamline the entire meeting process, reducing time spent in conferences and increasing overall productivity.

How Can Our Services Benefit You?

Do you have access to outstanding quality audio-visual equipment? See how system design and integration from visual synergy can benefit your business:

  • Fully bespoke service
  • Enhance presentations
  • Improve communication
  • Complete connectivity
  • Future proof systems

Future Proof Design From Visual Synergy

It is vital that any solution installed into your office is capable of growing with the business and keeping up with the ever-changing demands of communication technology.

As an independent supplier of audio visual hardware, we design systems centred around reliability and ease of use. We ensure that each system possesses future proof elements so that your company can quickly adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape.

We can design and integrate the best bespoke system for your business, meeting every individual need for each specific environment. To take control of your meeting space, speak to the Visual Synergy team today.


Friday, 22 July, 2011

Video Conferencing Equipment

Organising face-to-face meetings can be somewhat frustrating, can’t it?

Picture the scene; you’re arranging a business meeting with colleagues across multiple locations. It’s taking you a great deal of time to find a suitable time and location, and then there’s the travel logistics and costs to consider as well.

If only there was a more efficient, and cost-effective way. Well, thanks to Visual Synergy there is: Video Conferencing.

Visual Synergy can suggest the audio visual technology that will bring the very best out of your business, and equip your offices with the Video Conferencing tools you need to excel.

How Video Conferencing Can Help You

Video conferencing equipment brings cutting-edge audio visual technology to the meeting room.

Easier to confer with clients all over the globe

Be exactly where you need to be when it matters the most

Reduce administration time and streamline productivity

Reduce travel costs and save money

With Video Conferencing installed, meetings can be carried out from anywhere with Internet access; decisions can be reached rapidly, travel time and expenses reduced, and productivity increased.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

With the current financial climate, many organisations are looking to cut costs wherever possible. Video Conferencing reduces the time and money spent organising meetings, improving your businesses bottom line.

The technology also promotes a more eco-friendly business model. The impact of carbon emissions on the environment is something more and more businesses are taking note of. Video communication reduces the need to travel, and is thus an integral part of any environmental initiatives.

Choose Visual Synergy

Visual Synergy can help your business take communication to the next level by fitting a bespoke video conferencing solution in your office. We’re dedicated to the installation of high-quality audio visual equipment, and will work closely with your team to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration.

The systems delivered are designed with ease of use in mind, and we also provide training for your staff to ensure that your organisation can get the most out the new equipment.

Rather than simply supplying your business with the basic video conferencing technology, we aim to maximise your meeting room’s potential by creating a fully integrated, future-proof system; that’ll please both your clients and your company.

Learn how you can save your business money and improve client communication: Contact Visual Synergy today to find out how Video Conferencing equipment can enhance your organisation.