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Installation Charter

Audio Visual Installation

At Visual Synergy our first priority is delivering the solution. This means that not only will the final installation meet all your expectations, but it is done so on time and within budget. As such a detailed chain of documentation is implemented with every installation. This documentation allows all parties to clearly reference at any time the current state of the solution and as such, allow any small items that may have been either miscommunication or misunderstood to be addressed and rectified.


Below is an outline of the process that is in place that will ensure a hassle free and professional installation. Put it to work for you.

  • A full client brief will be taken early in the consultation cycle.

    This is normally done during the first meeting, however depending on the size and complexity of the project, this may have to be developed over time with the input of a number of different people to ensure that the initial brief is accurate.


  • This brief will form the base of the initial proposal and equipment recommendations.

    A full specification and proposal will be developed based on the brief.


  • The proposal document will be presented and all areas discussed until the client is fully aware of the equipment proposed and its impact on the business.

    The specified equipment will be discussed so that the client can fully appreciate how this will operate once in place.


  • Once fully satisfied, the equipment proposal will be signed off by the client (this does not represent an order, just agreement of the specification).

    The final proposal and specification will then be signed off by the client, this is so that any future changes to the specification can be monitored and any financial implications dealt with.


  • A full site survey will be undertaken, this will also form part of the installation documentation.

    One vital area of the installation is ensuring at all elements are installed in the correct positions, this is why a full site survey is undertaken at an early stage and a room plan produced. This means that all the inputs, data projectors, screens and source equipment are exactly where expected.


  • A system “scope of works” will be produced and issued.

    This document will explain in plain English the capabilities of the system once installed. This document that can be referred to at any stage to ensure that all expectations have been considered. This will be sign off by the client.


  • The scope of works along with the final proposal will then form part of the installation documentation to aid in delivering the final solution.

    By adding the scope of works and specification to the site survey and installation documents, the onsite engineers are fully briefed as to the needs and requirements of the installation, and will be able to address any issues as they arise quickly and efficiently and not delay the final handover


  • A full list of additional services that are required will be issued with the locations.

    To facilitate any installation both power and data will be needed. These needs and requirements will be documented.


  • A representative of Visual Synergy, who is fully briefed of the installation, will attend site the morning of the first day of installation to hand over to the on site installation engineers. Where required, further site visits will be undertaken to ensure that the installation is delivered on time.

    An ongoing project management process, will aid in keeping the installation within the stated time scales and ensure that all parties on site are fully aware of what is required.


  • Regular contact will be maintained with the on site engineers. If any delays are encountered, these will be communicated to the client as soon as possible and a solution discussed.

    The client will be kept up to date on the installation progress so that if any on site difficulties are encountered, alterations or amendments can be made at that time.


  • An installation report will then be presented to the client for final approval and sign off.

    A final sign off installation document will be issued to the client, this will confirm that the installation has been complete and that there are no outstanding snagging issues.


  • Full project documentation will be issued after final sign off.

    A full set of documents will then be issued to the client, this will include all the documentation mentioned above as well as any equipment user manuals and warranty cards. On projects with video conferencing, interactive whiteboards or control systems, further user information will be submitted in the form of user guides.


  • Full system training will be given at a time convenient to the client by a representative of Visual Synergy.

    The systems delivered are designed with ease of use in mind, however end user training is always available to ensure that your organisation can maximise the investment in the equipment. This training is usually given at least 1 week after sign off, this will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the installation.


  • You will appreciate our efforts to raise industry standards; the installed solution that is tailored to meet your needs and requirements, will offer value for money as well as an element of scalability utilising the latest technology. this will then have an impact on productivity, communication and collaboration.