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Ideal Audio Visual Installations for Meeting Rooms

Your meeting room is a crucial environment for your clients. With this in mind; it stands to reason that it should be complete with advanced audio visual facilities and systems that allow it to leave a memorable impression on anyone who enters the space.

Visual Synergy can help you transform a simple meeting room into an advanced consultation suite, ready to meet all your conferencing needs as well as impressing your clientele. We manage the design and installation process completely, working with your team to build a tailor made solution specifically for your business.

Meetings To Remember

We understand that your meeting room needs to make an impact on your visitors. Our expert team are capable of equipping any meeting space with the following technology, plus much more:

  • Mobile and Multimedia Solutions (such as Mobile Presentation Equipment)
  • Room and Environment Design
  • SMART Interactive Products including Interactive Whiteboards
  • Video Conferencing Equipment
  • System Design and Integration

Perhaps your meeting space has a simple projector and screen, or you have a wall-mounted television displaying all the relevant information. Either way, if you simply rely on these two methods of communication then you’re not allowing the room to reach its full potential. Instead, you need to focus on fully furnishing your client facing spaces with technology that allows all the participants in meetings to see and hear clearly.

Conferencing Across The World

Advances in technology means that people no longer need to travel to you in order to be present in meetings. Video conferencing gives businesses the ability to contact clients around the world without leaving the office.

If your conferencing equipment is not of the highest quality, or even non-existent, then your business could be missing out in a big way. Conferencing equipment is an efficient, cost effective solution, reducing the time and costs of travelling, whilst helping increase customer retention by making your business available whenever it’s needed.

For more information on how Visual Synergy can ensure your meeting space makes the right impression, contact us today.