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Complete Audio Visual Installations For Offices

In order to successfully manage your business, each room of your office needs to be optimised to efficiently meet and exceed expectations.

Your waiting area should be fully furnished with amenities to make it a relaxing space; office desks should contain all the features and tools needed to work effectively; and your meeting area need to be equipped with all the necessary technology to ensure that conferences go as smoothly as possible.

Visual Synergy provides professional audio visual installation services for any office setting. The system integrations that we supply are important for saving time and improving the overall office efficiency on an everyday basis.

Enhance Workflow

Alongside the resources available and the interior design, the everyday sights and sounds of an office can have a huge impact on your staff’s work behaviour and efficiency.

When looking to improve your offices workflow, it’s integral to consider the Audio Visual elements of your room. AV installations can enable entirely new levels of communication; giving you an interactive platform from which to broadcast updates, new tasks, sales figures and other relevant information.

On top of this, interactive multimedia solutions such as SMART whiteboards allow entirely new levels of collaboration on projects, creating a seamless portal from the board to your computer, and greatly increasing the efficiency of your teams’ workflow.

Our bespoke services include, but are in no way limited to:

  • AV System Design And Integration
  • Room And Environment Design
  • Mobile Presentation Equipment
  • Interactive Whiteboard Installation
  • Presentation And Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Bespoke Furniture

Digital Signage

At Visual Synergy, we understand that first impressions are everything. By equipping your offices with digital signage, we provide an effective and customisable communications tool designed to leave a lasting impression on visitors. As a primary point of contact for guests and clients alike, the screens deliver multimedia marketing material that can be used to spread your brands message, advertise new offers or share updates related to your business from the moment someone steps in.

For more information on how our AV installation services can revolutionise your offices, contact us today.